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The Abandoned Children Association is a politically and ideologically neutral and non-profit charitable association, which aids children under the threat of abandonment and rejection. So far, the association's work is concentrated mainly in the former Soviet Union countries. The volunteers of the association work for free with vigor and love in addition to their day jobs. For this reason, donations do not go towards funding a large organization, but instead go directly to helping children in need.




Thanks to everyone who has participated in our Calendar project - members, sellers and customers, and an extra big thanks to Aikataos - our supplyer.

We sold almost all of the calendars, and the profit was about 3500€.

The profits from the project will this year go to our projects: Kohtla-Järvi, Maardu and Idritsa orphanages and Petseri Childrens Hospital. Reports from the visits and deliveries will be published during the year. 

We will also try to support other orphanages. At this moment we have an urgent need for transportation of goods to Estonia and Russia. If anyone is travelling to Maardu or St. Petersburg - we have things that needs to be delivered to the children! Every bag or box that reaches its destination is important, and if you want to do something practical for the children - please contact Ana or Anna (, 


Anna Kervinen


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